An existence that connects people like a magnet.

With a history of 11 years, MAG is a captivating exhibition space that encompasses fashion, interior, miscellaneous goods, and serves the role of an art gallery. It’s not just an exhibition but a magnetic force leading the shift to meaningful consumption.
It stands as a leading presence in the ever-changing market, offering a platform to share the hidden stories of brands, designers, and artists with the public. Through new inspirations and discoveries, it creates fresh connections.

MAG embarks on a new chapter.

Proactively inviting buyers, designers, and artists from Asia and around the world, which fuses a diverse range of cultures and unique creativity in the trend epicenter of “Harajuku”.
It has been reborn as a new hub shaping trends and the future.
Our aim is to connect the world’s creative talents and the fashion market in Tokyo, promoting mutual growth and development.
We provide an opportunity to build long-term partnerships with exhibitors and visitors primarily from Japan and the Asian region.