Nigel Cabourn WOMAN


Nigel Cabourn WOMAN takes Nigel Cabourn’s menswear and shapes it to the female body, designed for women who lead active lives in the lap of luxury.
The collection, like its predecessor men’s line, continues the brand’s British heritage, quality, craftsmanship, and love of fabrics.

Nigel Cabourn WOMAN is a unique collection that is unlike any other women’s brand in terms of “timeless design,” “use of the best fabrics and accessories,” and “development of quality products where each detail is meaningful.

The collection is composed of a fusion of items based on the molds that have gained constant popularity in men’s wear, arranged in fit and design for women, and items that were worn by people who lived robustly but femininely during the Great War, as represented by Gerda Taro.
Although some slight modifications have been made to the weights, the materials used for the women’s line, such as Harris tweed and ventile, which are common to the men’s line, have been specially ordered and developed for the women’s line.

We want the line to be in the hands of “open-minded” women who “want to have a style different from others,” “have niche tastes,” “can be natural,” “travel and live an active life,” and “have an open mind.

This collection is aimed at a wide range of age groups, with an emphasis on lifestyle, without being limited by age group.