Rylee + Cru


Rylee + Cru founder Kelli Murray began her passion as a mother and illustrator in the winter of 2014, and Rylee + Cru has developed into a fashion company with over 400 boutique outlets in over 25 countries and territories. Rylee + Cru has expanded into a clothing brand with a presence in over 25 countries and territories, as well as over 400 boutique outlets.
Rylee + Cru is the epitome of a real family company.
Rylee, Kelli’s first child, greets each day with an exuberant and joyful grin that continues to excite her mother and her creativity.
Cru is Kelli’s kid, and he is quite curious. He enjoys building things and going on adventures, and his mother frequently finds him buried in his monster toys.
Kevin Murray, Kelli’s father, is the co-founder of Rylee + Cru and has over 30 years of experience in the garment industry, with skills in design, production, and distribution.
Rylee + Cru is a family business.
We hope you share our enthusiasm for children’s apparel and the creation of clothing that children all around the globe wish to wear.